Children’s ʻOri

Beginning Workshops, Ages 7 – 18 Years Old, Boys and Girls

Practice basic to intermediate hula and Tahitian dance moves in this energetic class for school-aged children. Students learn dances, songs and chants in a combined 60-minute hula / 60-minute Tahitian dance class. Upon completion of the workshop, a student may choose among three options: 1) Repeat the workshop to build more confidence and strengthen knowledge, 2) move to one of the more advanced classes on a weeknight (approval needed), or 3) move to one of the “lite” or evening beginner classes.

Tiny Hips, Ages 3 – 6 Years Old, Boys and Girls
Hula and ʻOri Tahiti

A fun introduction to Polynesian performance for our youngest dancers! Children learn basic dance steps, sing songs and recite chants. This class combines 30 minutes of hula and 30 minutes of Tahitian dance.

Tamari’i/ Tamahine (Competitive), Ages 6 -12 Years Old

The competitive and performance Tahitian ʻori group for young girls. Tamarii are the younger dancers. Tamahine older.

Tane & Tamaroa (Competitive), Ages 6 – 55 Years Old

The competitive and performance boy’s & men’s Tahitian ʻori group. Dancers should have mastered the basics of male ʻori Tahiti.